a cherry bomb

the peak season for cherries is now!
so don’t miss it.
the thing is, which one should i try first, japanese or american?

generally, japanese cherry is lighter and more subtle for taste.
they are quite different from each other.
after all, i grabbed american ones from a shelf in my local supermarket.
not because they were less expensive than japanese ones (true),
but because it was dark cherry that’d go with dark chocolate.

i thought i’d need to use up chocolate bars before it got hotter.
lately, sunday has become my baking day. well, sort of.
i made a classic black forest with a modern twist...

using fresh cherries instead of ones in syrup,

 using melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder with lots of sugar for the sponge,
and making curls to garnish only the top.

using rum instead of kirsch, simply because there was no kirsch in my cupboard.

in spite of all the twists i’d made, it still was a calorie bomb!
i really have to take extra long walks this week.

have a great and healthy week, everyone!!


Les Cotrions said...

Impossible resisting to this delicious cake Keiko!!! I would't mind of the diet!!!! What better than having pleasure form little joys???
Have a nice Summer week!

N said...

Oh I've never had Japanese cherries. They must be delicious. We should carry some in American grocery stores.

Have a healthy week too, Keiko!