we knew it.
we all knew that it definitely would come,
but no one knew when or where.
or, everyone could’ve blindly believed that it should not be “today” or “tomorrow”.

at last a devastating earthquake came on friday,
and a even more devastating tsunami followed.
watching live tv-news, 
i was associating a seaside town being struck by the great tsunami with,
not hokusai's woodblock print, but, to my surprise, venezia.
it was strangely slow, surreal, something like what happened in my dream.

anyway, another big quake could come any time, any place in japan.

we all japanese are still stunned by the unspeakable calamity.
we are grieving over the loss of every single family in the quake-hit zone
and realizing how great the hardship can be for us to endure.

i am truly grateful for all your compassion and help.
we are toughing it out,
we are good at overcoming adversities indeed.
you bet we will rebuild our country even better.