pink and red season is over

we are experiencing unexpected chilly spring days this year.
and, it has prolonged the life of 桜 (sakura: cherry blossoms)
and 椿 (tsubaki: camellia)s’ as well.
however, it is time for us to see them go.

while taking a long work the other day,
this scene reminded me of some artwork created by naturalist-artists,
like andy goldsworthy?

actually, i can’t be wrong.
i should look at this the other way round.
their artwork resembles and reminds us of the serendipitous beauty of nature.

anyway, spring seems to stay a little bit longer than usual,
which is pretty good.


springtime strawberries

people’s (probably) most favourite sweet little red things are in season.
well, as a matter of fact, over here in japan,
traditionally somehow, strawberries should appear around christmas time.
so, many people could be bored, or not be bothered, with them by now.

i don’t mind that its season gets earlier and earlier year by year.
i could bring my brother a big punnet of strawberries
whenever i visited him in hospital in january, february and march.

but, the real season is now, isn’t it?
as i would enjoy pan-baking upside-down cakes at weekends,
this time was…

the aroma of baked strawberries is as fabulous as they taste.
fresh ones are also sweet and fragrant, of course.


no matter what you find at your local fruiterer’s,
i hope you can enjoy the real season as much as possible.

strawberries forever!




thinking pink

the most romantic colour i always associate with is pink.

like pink camellia and cherry blossom?
i’d swoon over the softness and exquisiteness.

indeed, they took my breath away
when i looked at their delicate petals.

meanwhile, it’s got unseasonably chilly the last couple of days.
besides, the cold april rain is falling outside my window at the moment.

so, just like the song “my favourite things
from the sound of music (still makes me cry),
i simply remember this pink-petal confetti.

have a lovely weekend!


feeling flowery

springtime makes me wanting something classic, chic and cute.
like liberty’s floral print.

i don’t really remember if i’ve ever wanted dresses from cacharel.
i adored sarah moon’s commercial work for cacharel, though.
then and now, i am not a floral-dressy kind of girl,
but, i must admit, i always long to be.

i used to have tons of fabrics in my aluminum trunk.
(which belonged to mr. pianoman’s parents, so it’s no longer mine or with me.)
i used to sew sweet little things like un petit sac.
although most of my fabrics and things went missing somehow,
i still use my favourite liberty print bags i made a long long time ago.

looking at these with overwhelming nostalgia,
i just wonder where my mother has her liberty print blouse now.

have a lovely week!



s for...

s for spring:
did you have a great spring break?
spring is the time for new beginnings, isn’t it?
especially for the japanese, as schools start in april, spring is so special.

s for sakura:
more importantly, viewing (and many do have a picnic party under the trees)
桜, さくら, サクラ, sakura, cherry blossoms,
is not-to-be-missed… we can’t get things started without, actually.

every kind of spring flowers is also springing into bloom everywhere. mimosa reminds me of paris, while daffodils make me miss london. what a beautiful world! meanwhile, my book translation project is nearly coming to an end (it will come out next month). i almost indulge in liberty now. i truly madly deeply love finding spring colours.

who’s living up there?

carry on enjoying the spring sun.


thanx for your lovely comments, girls!!