xmassy week special #6


hoping that you are having lots of fun out there.

hoping that all the conflicts among people are over.
but, hoping, wanting and giving are essential.

happy christmas!  


kobe luminarie


christmas lights?

no, they are nothing to do with christmas, actually.

it is an annual exhibition of lights
as a memorial to the victims of the 1995’s great earthquake.

but, the prayer is the same as ones at church on christmas eve.

whatever your religions are,
let us pray!



xmassy week special #5


i've heard of really good news!

maybe angels and santas prayed for that, too.
so did you?

just wonderful!



xmassy week special #4


hi, everyone!

i guess you are on holiday.
 with your loved ones and friends, i suppose.

and, you are having lots of chats, drink and rich food, aren't you? 
have lots of fruits, too!


xmassy week special #3


my place has no fireplaces or mantelpieces.

still, it's fun to hang my sock on. 

have a peaceful week, everyone!



xmassy week special #2


i am not christian, in my country, neither are most people.
but yet, we do enjoy the (mock) festivity.

i am getting into the mood.
you are already in it, aren't you?


xmassy week special #1


hello friends!

are you ready?