tricolore floral


it’s le quatorze juillet, la fête nationale for the french.
we japanese have never had such a “revolution” in our history.
so i do admire those who fought for liberation and idealism.

in japan, the anniversary is called 巴里祭 (festival of paris)
in an extremely nostalgic way,
and has been adopted as sort of a day for enjoying french things.

nowadays, almost no one talks about it, though.
but at least, one francophile here.
i shall personally celebrate bastille day with the french flag tricolour.

le drapeau de la france ou drapeau tricolore, oui... 




vive la france !



vosges paris said...

such a nice post , i did not know Japanese people did this. I love France as well ;)

vosges paris said...

Hello Again
Funny how you mention Mujilife in your comment .. If you look at one of the shelves in my workspace you see I have a Mujilife catalog I took it with me from Paris in 2006 ;)
Always kept it as it looks so nice.. I might bring another visit to this shop whilst being in Paris ;)
x desiree

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko! I'm very late but...W la France! I hust adore it and your post is very nice!
Have a great week end!