learning from a lotus

i’m kind of feeling low at the moment.
tt is something i, and even good people, sometimes and inevitably experience.

it feels like everything sucks.
the fate will never smile on me?
but, that’s not true.

could i pass this melancholic spell by living like an oriental lotus in the park?

focusing an image,

being receptive enough,

without losing grace and dignity,

and standing still whatever happens for some time to come…

it’s almost 禅 zen, isn’t it?

at any rate, i will enjoy life. and the weekend.
so will you, my dear friends!


vosges paris said...

such a sereniti in these pictures early morning with the sun beating outside against our windows... We asr so ready for the finals ;) Gonna watch the game with family and hope I can still get home afterwards ;)
On tuesday the city will be mad as there is a party for the team at Museumplein... can you imagine free public transport all day so there will be no delays I am happy to have a bicycle that day!!
all the best for your weekend.

Les Cotrions said...

It happens very often to me too! But be sure Keiko...it'll pass...for sure!!!! Anyway your photos are gorgeous and they look so fresh!!!
Just what I need in these hot days!
A nice Summer week and take care!