it’s neither this momo, the fantasy novel written by michael ende,
nor that momo, my favourite moroccan restaurant in london.
it’s a pink stone-fruit.
i am talking about japanese peach called “もも momo” in japanese.

there was a nice and kind person (actually my ex-mother-in-law).
she arranged for a box of momo to be sent from a momo farm.

momo, is, possibly, the biggest, pinkest and juiciest peach on this planet.
i’d love to show you all how i relished pinkish pleasures.

first, i just ate it with a ruby grapefruit enjoying the pinks.

second, i experienced the almost ultimate bliss with a frozen “momo” daiquiri i made.

my son came and stayed with me from tokyo last weekend,
so i made bellinis to toast.

the following morning,
i made frozen “momo” daiquiris again for us.
this time, they came out pink, perfect pink!!

then we toasted again.

i am having some more fruits...plums? that is... this weekend.
have plenty of juicy fruits in season, everyone!



a midsummer fedora

before august started,
my summer (painting) “white” project had been completed.
the new white floors of my living room and bedroom look so cool.

still, japan continues to boil.

i never like sultry days like these.
but i should try to see the positive side of the heat…
let me tell you…ah, i always love straw hats!

i used to have a english fedora and a french canotier that i really loved.
in early july when i got a paint can, a roller and brushes from a diy shop,
i bought myself a cheap and ubiquitous straw hat,
i want this straw hat to look old-ish,
so i put it on whenever i go out to wear it out fast.

i also have a fedora that looks a bit similar to my old one.
i did impulse-buy when i found it four summers ago.

and it would show up on my hatstand every summer.
it stays new since i’ve never worn it.
sadly because it no longer fits my style… say, age.
but i cherish my fedora.

fedoras have made a worldwide comeback for the past one or two years,
which is great.


have a lovely summer week!