the last taste of sweet cherries


when i stopped by my local supermarket only two days ago,
i was surprised that cherries were on the shelf.
they were still around in the heat of the scorching summer!
japanese cherry season is so short,
it usually ends by mid-july.

have you heard of anyone on earth who does not love to eat cherries?
they terribly look sweet and cute as well.
they are so lovely to taste and behold.

come to think of it,
i kept missing a chance to post on japanese cherries i’d had them in early july.
so, here they are.

to mark the last day of july and the cherry season!

in the mean time,
there are loads of various stone fruits arriving now.
i can’t help but look at them in shops and blogs.
what a joy!

i’m sure you all are enjoying the harvest.
have a great summer weekend!

1 comment:

Les Cotrions said...

I really enjoyed your hatvest Keiko! I love cherries but I'll probably have to wait next may to have them again!
Have a nice Summer week end!