my herby baby

as i am living alone, i sometimes think of having a furry companion.
it would be great if i could walk him or her in the park.
i always find myself being negative, though.
not only because of the neighbourhood residential regulations i have to keep,
(banned from raising dogs and cats in our housing complex, still some do)
but also because of my possible heavy responsibility.
i doubt i can be a better caregiver than i am now to my potted herbs.

i love them like my babies.
but, no matter how well i look after them,
some would get sick or do a perish unexpectedly.
tending furry animals can never be easier than that.
i admire all the animal guardians.

so, i settle for being a happy herb-grower.
they look pretty on my balcony.
besides, my babies are edible.

and it’s time to pick a little,

...hang them in my kitchen

how’s that for my green babies?

...then put them in jars.

all herbs are good.

enjoy the last weekend of beautiful june, my friends!



Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko!
Your herbs are so beautiful in the jars! I love herbs too...it's nice pick them up and using to flavour dishes!!! And it's nice growing something by ourselves and usim them to decorate!!!
Happy week end!

Theresa said...

Hi! Keiko, have a great weekend, too!
... your herbs look great, you're so lucky you can grow yours indoors without a pet, because my cat loves to munch on my herbs, and she pretends she had nothing to do with it. LOL.

bicocacolors said...

what a beautiful photos!
what a beautiful blog!
happy weekend!
elena, from spain

N said...

I love furry friends. You should definitely get a pet. Or maybe even a non furry pet would still be a companion. Our family has been very happy with our puppy. However, I do not have your green thumb. All my office plants have passed on...

Have a good week!

vosges paris said...

Hello Keiko..
Long time no see ;) I love drying herbs as well. but for some reason my kitchen is not a good place for it, I think to much humidity because of the cooking (I still have to install one of those things above my stove)

When we went to Italy for many years we always cut of fresh Rosemary.. and brought it back in a newspaper. We had it then for the whole year and such a nice Mediterranean smell ;)
Have a great Sunday.