good black mulberry


what i wanted to post last time is this:

there are several mulberry trees in the park,
but no one seem to be keen on or keen to notice them.
maybe because they are truly tall trees
unlike ones you may usually imagine in your garden?

meanwhile, this time of year,
everyone would certainly notice a score of the purple stains on the park path.

last week, when i was walking through the park,
one mulberry dropped from up above.

now, you can guess what was in my mind?

i really hope you'd never think i’m a rubbish-picker, though.
it’s fun and quite palatable to do this.
yes, i started picking up mulberries, but only genuinely fresh ones.

as my crop piled up in a small bag, just enough to fill a small café-au-lait bowl,
i took it home and washed and hulled thoroughly.
voilà, my own homemade mulberry jam

it’s yummy to have some with yogurt,

it’s even yummier to be used for victoria sponge!

yesterday was a perfect summer’s day.
i saw a huge number of ripe mulberries still dropping from trees in the park.
disappointingly, the weather turned humid and bad today.
this year’s rainy season has just begun in my region...sigh.

how are you enjoying your sunday?



Les Cotrions said...

My mouth is watering Keiko! And my eyes are very happy to see your beautiful photos!
Happy start of the week!

N said...

wow. Yummy! all of it

Kate Poulter said...

Dear Keiko,
I just discovered your beautiful blog. I am also a believer in serendipity. I am a children's librarian and I love to look at everything around me very carefully. Sometimes I don't succeed, but I always try. Right outside my library door is a mulberry bush. Here the trees do not grow very tall, but they are still very interesting with their strangely shaped leaves. We will not have mulberries for about a month at least, but you can be sure I will try some yogurt and perhaps even the Victoria Sponge. Thank you for sharing!