tussie mussie, nosegay

it’s mid-week.
how's your week going?

i wanted to report on something.
but, i don’t seem ready for it.

instead, i just have some pictures of my posies to post here.

i always love playing with wild flowers.

my report on something delicious will be posted shortly.
till then, enjoy the rest of the week,
however busy,



Theresa said...

you too, have a great week...by the way, your pics are stunning.

N said...

It's mid-week. My week is going ok. Just trying to get through work and waiting for the next vacation. Hope your week is more exciting than mine.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko! Your wild flowers are a beauty! I love them and you photos are always so poetic!!! I can't wait for your something delicious...I'm very curious!
Big hugs and take care!

Maddy Avena said...

What a lovely blog! I was just looking for something on my own blog (bodytales.blogspot.com) and hit "next blog" and landed on yours.
what beauty! thank you!