it’s been sunny and hot.
at last, my little chamomile flowers have come into bloom.

meanwhile in the park, all the chamomiles disappeared from the flowerbed.
apparently, the blossom seemed already over.
still, i could smell the sweet and fruity scent of chamomile.

they were just whisked away and some flowers were fallen.
i could see many of them around the empty flowerbed.
one splendid thought sprang up in my mind.

back home, i washed them.
and then i had to wait and see them drying up.

the weather was perfect for drying herbs.
several days later, i happily made a glass of chamomile tea.

let’s enjoy the herby season before the rainy season approaches!
well, this applies only to the japanese, though.

anyway, enjoy the weekend, everyone!


vosges paris said...

I was reading an australian blog befoere talking about the clder days.. here we are heading towards the summer and we had our first real warm days ;)

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