hydrangeas in the rain

rain, rain, rain…

i am living in a nation blessed with rain at the moment.
but who’d love a rainy month all the way through?

only thing people love about this wet month is hydrangea.
hydrangea is the june flower in japan.

they are blooming on my balcony, too.
so i am happy to forget about rain adorning my home with them.

i love that.

maybe, happy monday?
wishing you all a happy new week!

dear vale, n and kate,
thank you very much for your wonderful comment on my mulberry post!



Les Cotrions said...

Ciao Keiko! Your hydrangeas are so beautiful!!! We have a lot of rain too and I truly don't like it...not in Summer!
Thanks for your mention!!!
Have a nice start of the week!

Theresa said...

beautiful hydrangeas, one of my favourite flowers... and Keiko, you have a wonderful week.