noodles and herbs

the sun is up.
it’s going to be sunny today, too.
the thing is, it could not be hot enough to grow my basils bigger.
the temperatures in april and may have been lower than usual.
my basils were supposed to be lush and plenty to use for cooking by now.
i potted or re-potted herbs in april with my new little spade.
but they are still small.
herbs like mint and sage look ok, though.

the other day, i craved for noodle.
no, not a ramen japanese people would go crazy for.
i am not really enthusiastic about ramen.
i love heaping herbs on top like the one i had in ho chi minh city.
so i cooked a bawl of rice-noodle soup with dumplings.
it was a sort of melting pot of east and south asian tastes.
with just a few tiny basil leaves, fair enough,
it did not completely satisfy my taste buds.

meanwhile, lemon thyme has been green and lush
since it joined in my kitchen garden.
when i fancied a pasta bowl recently, i tried a new original recipe.
adding lots of aromatic lemon thyme leaves, instead of basil,
my kabocha sedanini regati (with raw egg, tofu and bread crumbs) went great.

for my noodles and herbs, anything goes.

happy weekend, everyone!



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Les Cotrions said...

I adore herbs Keiko and your dishes look delicious! I see something familiar...rigatoni???
Happy Sunday and enjoy a warm and sunny day!