bluebell report 2010 (belated)

as usual, when i was browsing online newspapers on saturday,
i came across one familiar picture among the guardian’s slideshows.
it turned out to be my picture!
i completely forgot that i’d casually submitted the picture to
your picture of bluebells” a little while a go.
didn’t i deserve a kind email telling me of the publication from the guardian?
i cannot complain about being chosen for that, anyway.

bluebell is such a magical flower.
i had a certain fondness for this flower when i lived in London.
and i look forward to finding online newspaper articles
about bluebells like this and that every year.

meanwhile, when i first saw them blooming in my local park,
i was overjoyed.
so, i happily posted my bluebell report last year.

but, they bloom in april over here, a month earlier than in england.
i’ve missed out on an opportunity to post this season’s pictures until now.

this is my belated bluebell report.
i hope you enjoy at least the residuum of the blue magic.

have a great week!


N said...

Hi Keiko, hope you're feeling better. I always enjoy your photography. I was in Palm Springs, CA recently and was surprised to find that the desert has so many flowers. They reminded me of the kind of work you post on this site. You might like photographing there.

Theresa said...

Hi Keiko, belated condolences
"may your memories strengthen you."

...your Bluebell pics are beautiful, and will plant one in my garden soon. Have a wonderful day!

Les Cotrions said...

Congratulations Keiko! You're on the Guardian!!! They could have written to you...anyway your photos are just stunning!!!!
A nice new day to you!

Theresa said...

...Keiko, I am inviting you to join my blog, if you wish...

Kelly said...

congrats on the photos. I love bluebells, too.

Juanita said...

WoW how beautiful. i've never seen a real blue bell before.

Check out my blog;)