the pedant in the kitchen

after a period of grief, something should cheer me up.
in fact, i’ve got some happy news to tell.

the japanese version of the pedant in the kitchen, 文士厨房に入る,
came out last week.
i know that the book wouldn’t interest you, though.
unfortunately, it’s all in japanese.
no wonder i’m the translator.

its original book was written by very charming julian barnes.
it is a collection of his hilarious essays on cookbooks
from sort of a mr darcy type gentleman point of view.
i enjoyed being mr darcy-barnes when i was working on the book.
i really hope mr barnes likes my translation,
even though he can’t read japanese at all.

to my delight, my publisher managed to have mr joe berger,
who did the original book’s illustrations,
for my japanese version’s jacket.
its palette with olive green and teal reminded me of something…
something i have in my kitchen…
which turned out to be the same colours as my margaret howell’s tea towel.
what a match!

i judge a book by its cover, i always do.
and, i think this is quite charming, too.

happy weekend!

1 comment:

Les Cotrions said...

Nice to see you with a good news!!! The book looks very interesting...a part from the japanese!!!! I'd like to speak your language, but....
The cover is truly very cherming and you surely made a great job with the translation! I know it's early, but I hope you can feel better soon after your terrible loss!
Warm hugs and congratulations on your work!