a may daytrip

today is the last day of our long long weekend: so-called “golden week”
consisting of 4 national holidays over a weekend.
(no wonder, it is worth "gold" for hard-working japanese people!)

everyone is entitled to have fun!

and, today is kids’ day.
kids are treasure when japan sees the birthrate declining.
to celebrate the day, traditionally, carp streamers are put up outside.
usually, early may weather should be perfect for that.

the day before yesterday,
i went out to see lush mountainous areas in kyoto.

my brother wanted to show me the breathtaking scenery as you now see,
although he was too ill to take a walk there.
i truly rejoiced in sharing the day with my long-ailing brother.

only a few more days to go before this weekend,
hang in there, my global friends!


Les Cotrions said...

Oh Keiko! What a gorgeous landscape!!! It sounds like a beautiful holiday!!!
Have a nice Spring week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Keiko ;]
call me Sandy

I heard about kid's day in japan
I wish we had kid's day in America.
Sometimes children make those paper fish in american schools and eat Japanese food just to celebrate it too. Although my school never did that.

Sandy Yang said...

Hey Keiko ;] Call me Sandy. I wish we had a kid's day in America. Sometimes kids in American schools make those paper fish.

Your Savvy Psychic said...

Oh my, what a beautiful blog. Thanks.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko! How are you?? Are you enjoying Spring time??? We have a very bad weather today...more Autumn than May!
Wish you a ice and relaxing week end!

vosges paris said...

Such a beautigul landscape.... gorgeus pictures
Have a great weekend Keiko