pink and red season is over

we are experiencing unexpected chilly spring days this year.
and, it has prolonged the life of 桜 (sakura: cherry blossoms)
and 椿 (tsubaki: camellia)s’ as well.
however, it is time for us to see them go.

while taking a long work the other day,
this scene reminded me of some artwork created by naturalist-artists,
like andy goldsworthy?

actually, i can’t be wrong.
i should look at this the other way round.
their artwork resembles and reminds us of the serendipitous beauty of nature.

anyway, spring seems to stay a little bit longer than usual,
which is pretty good.


Sandy Yang said...

Those colors are beautiful.
I like spring.

Les Cotrions said...

Faboulous photos Keiko! They truly looks like an art work!!!
Happy week end and enjoy spring time!

N said...

We're also experiencing unexpected spring weather in California. At least yours results in more flowers. Ours is just rainy and wet. boo :(