springtime strawberries

people’s (probably) most favourite sweet little red things are in season.
well, as a matter of fact, over here in japan,
traditionally somehow, strawberries should appear around christmas time.
so, many people could be bored, or not be bothered, with them by now.

i don’t mind that its season gets earlier and earlier year by year.
i could bring my brother a big punnet of strawberries
whenever i visited him in hospital in january, february and march.

but, the real season is now, isn’t it?
as i would enjoy pan-baking upside-down cakes at weekends,
this time was…

the aroma of baked strawberries is as fabulous as they taste.
fresh ones are also sweet and fragrant, of course.


no matter what you find at your local fruiterer’s,
i hope you can enjoy the real season as much as possible.

strawberries forever!



1 comment:

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko! It's almost time for lunch here and your cake....mmm it looks so delicious!!! I love strawberries!
Have a nice springy week end!