s for...

s for spring:
did you have a great spring break?
spring is the time for new beginnings, isn’t it?
especially for the japanese, as schools start in april, spring is so special.

s for sakura:
more importantly, viewing (and many do have a picnic party under the trees)
桜, さくら, サクラ, sakura, cherry blossoms,
is not-to-be-missed… we can’t get things started without, actually.

every kind of spring flowers is also springing into bloom everywhere. mimosa reminds me of paris, while daffodils make me miss london. what a beautiful world! meanwhile, my book translation project is nearly coming to an end (it will come out next month). i almost indulge in liberty now. i truly madly deeply love finding spring colours.

who’s living up there?

carry on enjoying the spring sun.


thanx for your lovely comments, girls!!


Les Cotrions said...

Gorgeous flowers my friend! Nature is so rich during Spring!
Enjoy the beautiful season!

N said...

daffodils, one of my favorites!

Roberta Granada said...

Hi, I like your blog soo much,
I am from Brazil, I love craft...

Anonymous said...
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