thinking pink

the most romantic colour i always associate with is pink.

like pink camellia and cherry blossom?
i’d swoon over the softness and exquisiteness.

indeed, they took my breath away
when i looked at their delicate petals.

meanwhile, it’s got unseasonably chilly the last couple of days.
besides, the cold april rain is falling outside my window at the moment.

so, just like the song “my favourite things
from the sound of music (still makes me cry),
i simply remember this pink-petal confetti.

have a lovely weekend!


Les Cotrions said...

What an amazing post Keiko!!! Your photos are stuunning!!! Pink is a lovely colour...especially in this season and seeing "la vie en rose" is just what we all need!
Happy week end!

N said...

I like that first picture alot. great color