viola, violet, violetta

hello my friends, thank you all for visiting my blog from time to time in far off in the distance.

spring came along while i was absent from blogging. a few weeks ago, when i felt tired of gloomy wintery days, i bought myself new cups and saucers, for a change and for a spring-like bright mood, so to speak. they are cheap, but still elegant, don’t you think?

meanwhile, i’ve been still working on my translation project since december. and, i am now finalizing it – checking, checking, checking! – with my editor working from tokyo prior to publication in may. he is always kind enough to send me copies of various books.

this time, two copies of two titles arrived. one was “radio-cuisine” (in japanese) written by edouard de pomiane, who is often mentioned in the book i’m working on. another was “elle” (in japanese) written by j. b. pontalis (in japanese), which was published by my publisher.

when i took its jacket off, the mauve colour, which is just the same as violas i’d picked from my park the previous day, appeared. i was charmed by the cover. of course, the content was charming and interesting enough to read at one sitting or two, though.

imagining you have beautiful spring colours in your home, too!



Les Cotrions said...

Nice to see you Keiko! I understand you're very busy at work for your interesting project! The violets are faboulous!Spring came to you too!
A nice evening to you!

N said...

Hi KT,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. These blooms are lovely, especially the first picture. You make Osaka a place I'd like to visit one day. I'll be tuning in to your blog regularly now.


Anonymous said...
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