momiji exclusive

time flies, indeed. we have only one month to go before the new year, which is our biggest family event of year (christmas for you from christian countries?). in any case, everyone will be compelled to feel pressed more and more towards the year end.

but, we should relax and take it easy. there’s no use in hustling or worrying too much? take a walk? it’s beautiful outside. i’ve been actually carried away with vibrantly-coloured 紅葉 momiji (japanese maple), the queen of autumn foliage, for a while.

so here. at the end of 霜月 shimotsuki (old name of november) i want to share these autumn colours with you and make my post “紅葉づくし momiji–zukushi (exclusive)” to mark this year’s season, which is nearly over. no words are needed, perhaps?

have a lovely week!


Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko! These leaves are simply faboulous! What beautiful must be your country with these shades of colours!!! I've met a Japanise photographer in the week end...Eikoh Hosoe...do you know him?? He have an exhibition here in Lucca at the Lucca Digital Photo Festival...he's very talented and I had the opportunity to speak with him for a while!
Wish you a nice week!

kt said...

wow, vale,

i've just found out that hosoe is one of renowned experimental photographers...i didn't know about him, but did you speak with him in person? what a great ipportunity you had!

by the way, i know tuscany in autumn is beautiful. so, we should win a lotto and visit our country each other, shouldn't we? first of all, i have to run and buy one, though.

enjoy the tuscan late autumn, too!