an anniversary

time flies. today is the 4th anniversary of my "home sweet home." i settled in this run-the-mill suburbia of osaka where my mother lived alone some five years back. i at first didn't know if i could survive the monotonousness when i started living in my mother's home. i now think my present life is not that bad. since i moved in this flat, located in the same town, my mother and i have managed to keep a comfortable distance from each other. i can't complain, or rather, i should be content having my own commodious living space. besides, a huge park lies adjacent to my flat's premises, which is a major factor behind my so-so happiness. i walk there and come home with some wild flowers.

wild flowers? well, in short, they are weeds. but i like them. if you look at weeds closer, you'll see they all have sweet little flowers. and, ones i often pick are white because they go well with my home surroundings. in terms of style, by the way, i'm not really keen on the mid-century. some chairs are just plain elegant, though. for my home, i'd avoid graphic patterns and designs; usually give up quirky or funky stuff no matter how much i get inspired. i've always loved white interiors with classic kind of feel, plus a rustic flavour. although i need to compromise on so many conditions, i try not to lose much of my daintiness.

while my home is far from my dream house, i can be happy as long as there are some white flowers on my bedside table or the chest of drawers as well as plenty of natural sunlight getting into my flat. today is, however, cloudy and turning chilly. believe me, i'd gone walking outside in a half-sleeved tee until yesterday. it is time to put on slippers? oh, i've got favourite ones i bought in ho chi minh city. now that it's november already. time flies, indeed. meanwhile, my new "white project" is making progress, but i don't reckon this quilt will be able to adorn my bedroom wall before the new year arrives. anyway, life goes on.

have a great week, my dear friends!


Les Cotrions said...

Hello my Japanise friend! Your white post is gorgeous and full of poetry! I adore wild and simple flowers!!!
I live with my mother either and I cannot do whatever I want at home...I dream a white house according to my style, but now I cannot afford it! I hope one day my dream may come true!
Wish you a nice rest of the week!

vosges paris said...

congratulations with your blog, I do hope I will be able to keep it up that long ;) Always enjoying your lovely posts and kind emails, sorry I did still not found the time to answer you as I should but I am extremely busy atm.
Hugs, desiree