little grey dress

a mother of the groom -- i am going to be. i am going up to tokyo for my son’s wedding this weekend. he and his girlfriend have been living together for almost five years now and at last, this sunday, they are tying the knot at the imperial shrine, meiji jingo. we have a wedding reception afterwards. mr piano-man (my ex-husband, he will be playing his tune on the piano) and i will be the parents of the groom. wonderful. the thing is, i still have no idea what a mother of the groom really should wear.

in japan, most mothers would be in a traditional garment, kimono, for the children's wedding. in my case, no. i’m not good at conventional things. i had my son when i was just twenty-one and i cannot be a mothering type for ever. i still go on in the same old dr martens or cowboy boots. but yet, it’d be nice for me to be feminine once in a long while. i wish i was like carine roitfeld this sunday, though i usually wish i was like angela merkel … i’m just kidding and besides, i am even (but only a little bit) younger than them.

i don’t know the dress rules. i’m not good at sticking to them either, even if i knew any. anyway, i’ve chosen to wear this grey sheath dress. i didn’t buy its matched bolero because the design was not my cup of tea. instead, my pink pashmina shawl would be a match, but not for the wedding? and i’d better hide my arms? so, i’ve decided to wear my purple silk chiffon blouse over this twinkling grey number. in that case, my shawl and clutch should be black to glam up like this? -- i hope my “mother of the groom gear” will be all right.

wish me luck?


Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! Your son will get married??? That's a wonderful news! You'll be very elegant with your grey dress and purple blouse!!! It's good wearing a nice dress and high heels sometimes! I like heels! I'd like to see a Japanese marriage...the place where it will take place looks enchanting and magic! I hope you'll post some photos and describe the ceremony!!!
Good luck Keiko!!!!

kt said...

oh, sure...i'd love to report about the wedding but only when it is not a disaster ;)

i really hope it will go great.

grazie mille, vale!


vosges paris said...

awww I am sure that whatever you choose you will shine. Enjoy this special day with your family and all the best to your son and his wife ;)