holiday season

hello everyone. some of you could’ve been thinking where on earth i was. i am still here, but i’ve been engaged in another project. plus, my daughter stayed with me for a while so i was pretty busy being a good mother. she returned to tokyo yesterday and i started catching up on my own things as well as tidying up rooms to get ready for this weekend’s arrival of my son and his wife, yes, my daughter-in-law! phew.

at least, my mother and I will be having a quiet christmas day together. i should be cooking a christmas lunch for her, though. i hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season, too.

speak to you again soon!


Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! You made lovely Christmas arrangements! Hope you had a nice time with your daughter!
Wish you Merry Christmas! Have a nice time with your mother, your son and your daughter in law!
Big hugs

vosges paris said...

Before I forget my only friend in Japan I came to wish you happy holidays and ofcourse the very best year you and your family could get.
Waving you a little kiss from Amsterdam