waxing gibbous moon + last goodbye to the summer visitors

our japanese custom of autumn moon-viewing came from ancient china as i posted on october 3rd. and, i've just learned, for the ancient japanese, the annual moon-viewing must take place for not only the full moon but also the waxing gibbous moon, which was believed to be the second most beautiful moon. i've found that it falls tonight. luckily, the sky looks clear enough.

meanwhile, the temperature rose as high as 24 degrees c yesterday. the indian summer seems to stay on for one more day or two. obviously, this warm weather, due to the global warming, has prolonged my local butterfly season so that i can see tiny butterflies like pale grass blues in the park. as long as a butterfly is seen the season is summer to me.

however, according to the recent weather forecast, we will eventually need to prepare for chilly mornings. no wonder, october is ending! it must be the time i to bid last goodbye to the summer visitors in the park. so here, i wanted to show you who i ran into there this season. plus, the last night's moon.

oh, are you going to a halloween party tomorrow night?
happy halloween!

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Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! We still have warm and sunny days either...you're lucky to have such beautiful Summer visitors! I like to hear you about the traditions of your wonderful country!
Halloween isn't part of our tradition...it's now imported for children and teens...I don't celebrate it!
Have a nice week end!