calendrier des fleurs

september. what flowers can you see in your garden? i picked a few leftover lavenders from a pruned hedge in the park (don’t tell it anyone, please) and placed them on my bedside table. the fragrant is soothing. then i thought of my personal flower calendar -- scabiosa should be for september. i took this picture as above in my london flat exactly 20 years ago! i’m still very fond of this sweet flower and my daughter still snuggles down into this scabiosa colour blanket in winter in tokyo. but in london, people actually start grabbing a blanket this month. over here, my kind of summer -- like a mediterranean summer -- has just begun.

i enjoy the coolness of bed sheets at night and the sun during the day. still, the sunlight is different now: the days have become shorter and shorter, while the rays of sunlight have become longer and longer. what i love this season best is everything seems to glint in a ray of sunlight and it reminds me of my ancient september trip to scotland. if someone asked me what the most beautiful scenery i’d ever seen in my life was, my answer would be the divine landscape of the moors with rabbits leaping and heathers blowing that i saw from the train window on my way from inverness to glasgow.

those views of the scottish highlands were absolutely heavenly. i’m sure my mind will be milling about with rabbits in the scottish heath whenever i look up at the clear blue september sky. in the meantime, as the humidity level got lower, a diligent part of me was looking for something productive. i’ve just started my new “white” project: this time, an all white patch-work quilt for my bed. there seem no headboards that match to my image of my newly painted white bedroom better, so i am making this not as a cover but as a headboard, like a tapestry? i hope to show you the complete hand-sawn white quilt in next several months.



Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...


Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Its scary and exciting going home, but I hope to be able to come back to the U.K in the near future and travel more, I'm addicted. Reading this lovely post, you mentioned the Scottish Highlands, its sounds wonderful, I've never been there; times like this it scares me moving so far away from Europe....!

Your blog is lovely, you seem very passionate about the natural world, nice change for interiors all the time :)

Best wishes

KT said...

hi "travelling" vanya,

thank you so much for your nice and sweet comment on my post.

i really know how an expat feels ...

but i myself lived in london, off and on, for 11 years totally.

you sure will be returning to the uk whenever you wish!

most importabtly, you can update your blog wherever you are.

keep on blogging, i will follow you, ok?


manon 21 said...

tout en douceur!



KT said...


merci pour le commentaire agréable youe.
il est si joli d'entendre un tel français doux de vous.
j'ai constaté que vous adorez aussi le truc doux et naturel.

j'aime votre blog très beaucoup!