upside down, and round and round...

although the sun still scorches my back when I water my herbie babies on my balcony, I know the season is shifting into autumn. Recent disappearances of summer fruits from stores remind me of that. The best summery thing I enjoy every summer is various stone fruits when they come into season. this year, I tried a new method to eat them: not raw, but cooked fresh fruits. Well, it wasn’t actually new since I had already tried when I lived in London many times. One afternoon, sitting in front of fat plums, a sweet and tart upside down plum cake sprang to my mind. The problem is, I now have no oven to bake. (There is room for an oven to fit, but I would feel compelled to change my old kitchen unit if I did.) So I made one with my muji non-stick frying pan. It turned out great!

simple method:
1. caramelise cut fruits with brown sugar and fruit liquor or brandy.
2. spread the cake mixture (self-raising flour, eggs, sugar, milk and veg oil) over the half-caramelised fruits. And keep a lid on it until it's cooked throughout on very low heat.

3. make crème anglaise and put aside.
4. spread the cream over the cake and then cover it with a thin pan cake like a sandwich.

critical moment:
5. flip the cake out onto the plate.
incredibly easy and quick! voilà, some of my summer fruitages.


caramelise them.

ready to taste.

let it snow a little? why not!

figs: this fruit has no stones, stii its flavour gets richer when cooked like peach and plum.

caramelise them, too.

well done.

serve it with a spoonful crème fraîche.

almost all kitchens have an oven in europe and the states. but, just in case yours gets out of order, or you don’t have enough time to bake a cake, my simplified method really works for you!


vosges paris said...

mmm I like the idea of making a little cake with fruits. I had some realy nice cooked pears with vigs last weekend.. yummie that was good.

Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! Nice to hear from you! Your cake looks so delicious! Nice idea baking without hoven!
Hope you're spending a nice Autumn time in your faboulous country! We still have Summer!
Happy week end!

vallerfish said...

Oishiso!!! I must try your recipe!!