after the emerald rush

these days, i’m enjoying reading your latest post reporting on shifts in season one after another. Everyone appears to bid the summer lingering farewell. i wish that this summery day, like today, will last longer than it normally does. we ultra season-sensitive japanese don’t say it “summer” once september begins, but, another long summer has been actually forecasted in japan so far … yes, due to the global warming.


in the height of summer, the whole area of my local park, from meadows and marshes to woodlands, turned emerald green. and now, after the peak of summer, i can see many hues and shades of green and brown, or even red and yellow in there. whenever i have a late-afternoon walk in the park amid a balmy late-summer breeze, every little discovery of the new season makes me feel just great.

pic 1, 4, 5
nelumbo nucifera, 蓮 hasu: it’s lotus as you know. this ancient plant is pretty common in japan. and, believe it or not, we eat lotus roots (rhizomes) !
pic 2, 3
typha latifolia. 蒲 gama in japanese. how do you say it in your language? the first time i ever saw this plant was in my picture book “bambi.” many decades later, i could find a myriad of real typha in the park nearby very happily.
pic 6
japanese maple. 紅葉 momiji: the most famous colour for leaf peeping, which the japanese can’t enjoy autumn without. but, i took this pic in late august. i guess something wrong has happened to its environment in the park, since it’s too early for the foliage to develop such a bold autumn colour. usually, we go and see displays of crimson-red momiji leaves in urban areas as early as mid november. incidentally, i’ve also found a 紅葉スモモ beniha-sumomo, red-leafed plum tree, blossoming in the park orchard for the second time this year.
pic 7
bitter melon. ゴーヤ goya. what amazing colours! do you remember the green ones in my past post? it’s turned egg-yolk yellow and produced red beans inside. i’d had no idea that bitter melons would mellow so colourfully until i found this in the park.
it seems like another perfect sunday for a glass of white wine (chilean, this time) even after making a bad start with a croissant burnt. have a relaxing sunday and a great week!


Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! Thank you for the information about the plant! You made faboulous photos! We still have Summer...even if today it's raining!
Beautiful tins in your previous post...I know them...Lazzaroni is an Italian brand!
Happy Sunday!

KT said...

lovely to hear from you, vale!

i am a great admirer of italian culture such as cuisine and design,

(and, envious of the wonderful climate!)

you know that, don't you?

so, i always try hard not to get jealous of you living in italy.

have a nice week!

ciao, ciao,