biscuit tins

this time, i’m going to talk about nothing to do with weather or floras. well, it’ true that the most enjoyable part of my life is associated with seasonal changes of nature. but, my artsy side seems never to be influenced by seasons or even bad weathers. (oh, it’s another fine summer’s day; ideal for an italian white wine here in osaka.) matter of fact, i’m pretty design-conscious. i can be fussy or crazy about colours, patterns and shapes of end products that some talented persons have created. for this reason, i have a tendency to fall for things that can be my collectibles.
meanwhile, i tell my mother, who can’t throw anything away without feeling guilty, to stop accumulating rubbish. in her drawers and cupboard, i’ve been seeing a host of strings, rubber bands and shopping bags sit still over these years. i do understand that any woman of my mother’s generation experienced the times when anyone simply could not afford to waste anything because of the war. i, however, say to her mercilessly: “mother, do you really need a dozen of empty plastic yogurt tubs?” it’s no joke.

on the other hand, when it comes to pretty things like ribbons, boxes and biscuit (or tea, coffee, cocoa power?) tins, i am not in a position to tell my mother to get rid of that stuff. actually, i used to have way too many tins. i still keep some in spite of frequent relocations of my base crossing the seas, back and forth, in the past. my old biscuit tins all look ravishingly beautiful. in fact, years back, when i jumped off a double-decker i’d taken from piccadilly after shopping at fortnum & mason, i left my handbag. i was totally carried away with a gorgeous lazzaroni biscuit tin i’d just bought there. i know i’m sometimes such a comic. * **

pic 1
maker-unidentified french bonbons tin: i don’t really remember this … probably i bought this in london since the tin charmed me, while i clearly remember the bonbons were not so tasty. this tin now contains my sawing kit.

pic 2, 3
lazzaroni amaretti cookies tin: this is quite ubiqitous. i used to have all three sizes. the tall one is a perfect size for spaghetti. this spicy macaroon’s tissue wrapper is beautiful, too. design-wise, i prefer retro to modern, by the way.

pic 4
another lazzaroni biscuits tin: i eventually bought this after several visits to fortnum mason. this is the tin that cost me my handbag. several months later i received a letter from the london transport lost property office, telling me to collect my handbag. a good world? but, i had to pay for restoring charge.

pic 5
ladyfingers (french sponge type biscuits) tin: i think i bought this when i lived in 横浜 yokohama. i was going to make a charlotte with these biscuits, but i ate them all before making one. threads, buttons and beads are crammed in there now.

pic 6
末富 suetomi japanese biscuits tins: my new numbers. in my opinion, these minimalistic tins are the best designed confectionery tins in japan. 末富 suetomi, an well-established confectionery in 京都 kyoto, does have its own aesthetics not only for confectioneries but for packaging as well.

pic 7
(additionally) whiteman’s sampler box: i bought this in new york last year. it is not a tin as you see. and it is a bit girly, you might think. still, this nostalgic feel makes me so hard to throw away when empty.

have a beautiful sunday, everyone!


Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

what is it about an old biscuit tin that is so appealing - I just don't know but it is, the colours, the font and to know it once held something delicious, perhaps

KT said...

hi vanya,

thanx for the comment!
indeed, it used to be a container for something special like a jewel box. i truly feel the same as you do.

enjoy the rest of sunday!


manon 21 said...

je fais aussi la collections des boites!!
merci de ta visite.
bonne semaine


KT said...

hi manon,

merci pour votre commentaire!

ciao, ciao,


vallerfish said...

I'll get you M&S biscuits in tins next time, they do quite interesting tins ;-) if you want :o

KT said...

you really? that'd be great. i'm sure i will be enjoying biscuits, too. in fact, i loved those biscuits you brought me last year. thank you again!


vosges paris said...

I am wondering how many people have their sawing kit in a biscuit box ;) I had it for years.. I also have an old Christmas Ikea biscuit box with all the shoe polishing stuff in it;) I do understand tht you fancy those tins, They have something special. I like the italian oil tins as well.
Thanks for the easy french food adress I will def. check it out soe day
all the best my far away and only japanese blog friend

KT said...

hi desiree,

thanks for your nice comment, as always.

yes, i too wonder how many women on earth put their sawing kit in a biscuit tin.

my mother and my ex-mother-in-law do that, too.

this habit seems pretty universal?

have a great weekend!