yellow blossoms


in a time of the happy yellow mimosa, i take a walk in the park feeling joyful.
even though the crisis is not over yet,
i’ve been deeply moved and inspired by the fact that the world is continuing to come together.

i feel so wonderful to see the world as one.
i can never thank you enough for your genuine ongoing aid to my country!

meanwhile, my neighbourhood cherry blossom festival has been canceled.
it does happen to anybody in japan at the moment.
voluntarily, the whole nation has got into the anti-celebrating mood.
we have refrained from anything rollicking at all.
considering the victims and the situation, we should stick to it, of course.

but, the thing is,
when will be the right time for us to stop that?
nobody knows it or dares to tell it.


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Hermann8er said...

Beautiful post...we must live in the moment, for who knows if we will have another moment to live? So happy to hear that you've found some joy amidst the tragedy. Aloha.