we knew it.
we all knew that it definitely would come,
but no one knew when or where.
or, everyone could’ve blindly believed that it should not be “today” or “tomorrow”.

at last a devastating earthquake came on friday,
and a even more devastating tsunami followed.
watching live tv-news, 
i was associating a seaside town being struck by the great tsunami with,
not hokusai's woodblock print, but, to my surprise, venezia.
it was strangely slow, surreal, something like what happened in my dream.

anyway, another big quake could come any time, any place in japan.

we all japanese are still stunned by the unspeakable calamity.
we are grieving over the loss of every single family in the quake-hit zone
and realizing how great the hardship can be for us to endure.

i am truly grateful for all your compassion and help.
we are toughing it out,
we are good at overcoming adversities indeed.
you bet we will rebuild our country even better.



vosges paris said...

Thank you Keiko for this beautiful words.... There is not so much to say then that it is so unreal and sad, but also like you said that your people will turn it in someting postitive. Stay well and safe my friend.
a warm hug, desiree

vosges paris said...

so great to see you on my blog ;) I was wondering if you know If I can see the magazine online somewhere on an IKEA site in Japonese... I would love to see how it looks with the Japanese writing ;)
So nice of you to tell me x

Les Cotrions said...

Hello my dear!
Nice to see you are ok! I'm shocked by the news coming from your country! I cannot find the words to express my feelings about it! You're a brave people and I'm sure you'll recover all your energies to come out from this disaster!
All my thoughts to you and your country!
Warm hugs

San Jose Love said...

I'm so sorry Keiko. I'm glad that you are ok though. I hope you will all tough it out and yes, I am sure Japan will rebuild and be even better. Take care. The rest of us are watching over you all.

vosges paris said...

Hello Keiko.. I wanted to letyouknow I received the magazine.. you are the best taking time to do this at this moment.
Thank you so much. I sent you lots of courage and warm thoughts for you and your family x desiree

kerrie of sea cottage said...

praying for your country...so so sorry for so much loss. My heart goes out to you. ox