seasonal peas and beans

*While my mints are lush again on my balcony,
Fresh green vegetables are appealing at shop

while my mints are lush again on my balcony, 
fresh green vegetables are appealing at shops,
so i cooked them with a twist, which were lemon and garlic.
they make my dish feel truly springy.

garden peas can make me happy.
especially tiny jade-like peas and beans like these.

i missed the broad bean season last spring, since it is usually very short.
ii’d been watching out.
and at last, i got a bag of them from my local super market.

how would i like them, then?
let’s do it straight, this time i thought, for lunch.
a simple way to enjoy the seasonal taste,
which may mean cooked beans on toast.


a bite for a moment of bliss. 

by the way, what is a pea and what is a bean, can you tell?
that was my long-unsolved botanical question,
as they are the same term "まめ" used in our language.
but now i know the difference between them and feel appreciative of the net.

have a great easter weekend, everyone!

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