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my beautiful friends!

i finally sent my manuscript (for a book i translated) to my editor over the net a few days ago, i decided to do nothing for a while. i was shattered. in the mean time, i started thinking about fashion as this year’s catwalk season kicked off. i’m not really a fashion enthusiast, though. i just look forward to checking reports on fashion weeks. then, i found alexander mcqueen’s sad news yesterday. what a tragedy.

there were young and talented british designers who worked in paris, and then they moved back to london just like mcqueen. when i think of london and paris, i miss something that eventually almost disappeared from the both cities over the last two decades. it’s milliner. millinery is the most romantic item for fashion design, i believe. no matter how unpractical, millinery is lovely to look at. especially in catwalks, it plays the most fantastical role. mcqueen did excellent shows with it.

pic 1, 4 a milliner on the left bank, paris.
pic 2, 3 the hat shop in neal street, london.
all pics from films taken in the 90’s.

have a romatic weekend, girls (and boys)!!


Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! What a gorgeous post! I love the hats! Very chic and feminine! I'd like to wear them! I love fashion but I'm not addicted!
I'm not having a romantic week end...I need a boyfriend for celebrating Valentine's day!!!
Hope you'll have a great week end with or without a man!!!
Big hugs Keiko!

Jannie Funster said...

Love and hats are in the air.

I've always been a hat girl. I've got a lucky blue cloche one for winter and a lucky tan straw one with orange dingle balls for summer.

Beautiful photos!

Needful Friends...Miss Holly Golightly said...

hi keiko,

wonderful post...and the news about alexander mc queen is a tragedy...I was actually shocked. may he RIP

how are you dear...?

hugs anja

kt said...

hello girls, lovely to hear from you!!

you know what, v-days is not really only for lovers here in japan.

it is kind of a crazy day for the japanese to be encouraged to become a chocolate-holic once a year. i'm not kidding.

so, with or without (that's me) a man, we japanese girls celebrate the v-day eating the most delicious chocolate.
how funny, don't you think?

happy v-day!


N said...

wow I like your blog. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I dig that you like the finer things in life.

PS wish you had a following option so I can check out all your latest updates.

Needful Friends...Miss Holly Golightly said...

Please stop by my blog when you have a moment...there is a bit of sunshine waiting to all my blogger friends…a very special flower...the first to bloom this year...a gift of friendship and a promise of spring…

Yours anja