suddenly and briefly

we had a couple of spring days last week. but now, it’s turned cold and wintery days are back. i am loving my new item (a poster) on the sideboard and enjoying the scent of my white hyacinth that came into bloom when spring was here.

my humble life, and painstaking work, seem to go on in this depth of winter.

have a great weekend, my friends!


Les Cotrions said...

Nice to see you Keiko! Your poster is faboulous such as your bulbs! Yo know...I love them!
Happy week end my friend!
Big hugs!

Jannie Funster said...

Keep Calm and Carry On, I might have that tattooed on me, if I had any untatooed skin left on me. Metaphorical tattoos of course, but it is an awesome thing to have as a reminder!!

vosges paris said...

it seems a long time you are not posting ... I hope you are okay ;)