toties quoties

on new year’s day, i had the same feast with my old mother as last year. certainly,
that was when i felt happy about the new year.
these are the dishes we ate
(you might remember my 2009’s pics and find these boring, though) :

the feasting time is over now.

still, my memory of the 2010 new year feast stays ;)

have a great week, everyone!!



Les Cotrions said...

Hello Keiko! You have a wonderful way of displaying food and it looks delicious! I hope you have a nice start of the new year!
Happyness to you!

vosges paris said...

well I think it is a fest everyday with the beautiful (and very yummie) way you Japanese people eat soooo....
have a nice sunday
hugs from snowy amsterdam

The roofs of the Loyd Hotel looked so nice with the white snow on it ;)