amendment (plus shades of autumn)

i was wrong. sorry, the moon last night was not full yet. the mid-autumn moon festival does not always coincide with an exact full moon. that’s what i’ve just learned. it is very confusing. but luckily enough, i could see a beautiful moon last evening. besides, it is a beautiful sunday; i’m still in a half-sleeve tee and the sky is as transparent as the voice of joni mitchell, which may assure me of a chance to gaze at the true full moon tonight.

meanwhile, i am eventually being taken with warm shades of autumn like those as above: rudbeckias, cherry brandy, in the park garden and sweet macarons i received from masaco, my friend, in tokyo. have a beautiful sunday!


manon 21 said...

mais on se croirait en france avec cette coupe de macarons!!
merci de ta visite


Hermann8er said...

Just wanted to say a quick aloha and mahalo for your blog! I really appreciate your pictures and quotes!

kt said...

bonjour and aloha from osaka,

what are a beautiful world i live in ... i am so happy to hear from you from france and hawaii!!

have a great week!