suddenly and briefly

we had a couple of spring days last week. but now, it’s turned cold and wintery days are back. i am loving my new item (a poster) on the sideboard and enjoying the scent of my white hyacinth that came into bloom when spring was here.

my humble life, and painstaking work, seem to go on in this depth of winter.

have a great weekend, my friends!


toties quoties

on new year’s day, i had the same feast with my old mother as last year. certainly,
that was when i felt happy about the new year.
these are the dishes we ate
(you might remember my 2009’s pics and find these boring, though) :

the feasting time is over now.

still, my memory of the 2010 new year feast stays ;)

have a great week, everyone!!



year of the tiger 2010

wishing you all
a happy, happy new year!

thank you so much
for all the ispirations you gave me,
your time for visiting my blog
making encouraging comments
in the last year.
carry on enjoying a wonderful holidays,
my friends!!

love + peace