the saffron revolution


like my last few novembers,
i was supposed to rejoice at a little harvest of homegrown saffron
from my mother's balcony.

she missed the timing to plant saffron bulbs in september.
so, we have no saffron harvest this november.

still, like any other november,
leaves have turned gold and red.
they have plenty of different shades of saffron.
i am absolutely charmed by every single falling leaf.

do you remember the saffron revolution, by the way?
nothing really has changed for those burmese monks and people, though.

but, growing saffron instead of, yes, poppies in afghanistan seems to pick up,
which is indeed good news, don't you think?
i hope this will make a true saffron revolution happen over there.

enjoy the gorgeous season before getting busy, everyone!

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