marie’s birthday


again! i am posting on the last day of this month.
october really flew by.
we had perfect (indian) summer’s days and a bit of wintery weather.

today is marie’s birthday. marie who?
she painted and wrote poems in “la belle époque” paris.

here is le carnet des nuits,
which has been my most precious book since i was so young.
e-books seem to be taking on, but favourite books will remain p-books.

papers yellow with age, while printed colours fade away.
even the written words now sound obsolete a little, maybe.
still, i love my old p-books like this one.

do you think i’ve forgotten all about halloween?
no. but, i just enjoy checking what fun-loving people do, not part of it.
i’ve cooked gnocchi di zucca for dinner, though.

happy birthday to marie!
happy halloween to everyone!


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Hermann8er said...

I love p-books, too! What a beautiful book! Gnocchi...great Halloween food. Love your pictures...aloha!