nagasaki day

yes. it’s nagasaki day. i observed one-minute’s silence again at 11:02 am this morning. well, i was going to post some other topic, but it couldn’t be fair if i ignored nagasaki after writing about hiroshima. i don’t really want to sound too much pressing, though. or, this should really be a pressing concern for anyone who wants peace on earth? so i’ll go harping on this issue at least one more day.

i’ve never been to nagasaki, although i’ve seen a slew of photographs that captured 被爆者 hibakusha (a-bomb-explosion-affected people dead or alive) in nagasaki. if you see just one of those, you can tell the nuclear weapon is no doubt the most inhuman mass-distraction weapon. i watched a special tv programme dedicated to the hibakusha in nagasaki last night. i remember my mother was weeping in front of our tv set on one of these nights before the nagasaki day when i was really little. i was so surprised because i’d never seen her crying before, while the horrifying aftermath of a-bomb on tv screen was printed in my child’s heart. it was an awfully muggy night, just like lat night.

i just wonder how many tears people did shed on the nagasaki day special tv programme in sympathy with hibakusha this year, too. let’s talk about the world peace, shall we?
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