palermo soho

i don’t look back. i always look ahead. that has to be my saving grace. still, i way too often cast my mind back these days. i admit it, but being “un etranger” is a different story. i love to recollect all the magical moments of my photographic memories: colours; light and shade. and i simply love to recall the wind, the smell and the sound of the places where i embraced each scene with my five senses. my five senses.
meantime back in buenos aires, i kept on wandering. i just couldn’t cope with life without deadlines to meet. i was at loose ends. besides, i lost faith in mr dreamer who lost himself in his own drama. we had a row everyday. to avoid any feel-bad factors, i needed to wander the buenos aires polluted streets with heavy traffic of eco-unfriendly old cars and buses. on the other hand, every little thing came across as a lovely surprise. tord boontije’s midsummer light, for instance. i found it in an office window in palermo soho, the most stimulating barrio of buenos aires. the romantic light brought to mind the very first day i visited his studio in peckham, london. that was 2003. that interview with tord was fun to do among usual arduous ones. the photo-shoot by annabel went great, my casa brutus magazine article on tord made his debut, then he became the most sought-after product designer in japan. that was the world where i had lived before moving to belle époque-ish buenos aires.
shops, cafés and people in palermo soho revived me. i could feel congenial about palermo that showed me its vibrancy. i never missed london. i was only missing my deadlines.

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