xmassy week special #6


hoping that you are having lots of fun out there.

hoping that all the conflicts among people are over.
but, hoping, wanting and giving are essential.

happy christmas!  


Les Cotrions said...

Happy new year dear Keiko!!!!!
All the best for you!

Gary said...

Hi Keiko, hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Birthday and New Year! Sorry that my package to you was sent late this year! XO, Gary

Daichan said...

I hope this is not too unwelcome. Feel free not to post it. But I want to say I hope you and all your family are ok after today's terrible news from the North East of Japan.

keiko said...

hello daichan,

thank you so much for your sympathy and kind words.

kids in tokyo are all right.
they managed to walk home...
shion took a couple hours and louie eight hours.

it is the biggest and saddest
calamity for us, but we are toughing it out.

japan is the best nation for overcoming adversities, i believe.