it’s neither this momo, the fantasy novel written by michael ende,
nor that momo, my favourite moroccan restaurant in london.
it’s a pink stone-fruit.
i am talking about japanese peach called “もも momo” in japanese.

there was a nice and kind person (actually my ex-mother-in-law).
she arranged for a box of momo to be sent from a momo farm.

momo, is, possibly, the biggest, pinkest and juiciest peach on this planet.
i’d love to show you all how i relished pinkish pleasures.

first, i just ate it with a ruby grapefruit enjoying the pinks.

second, i experienced the almost ultimate bliss with a frozen “momo” daiquiri i made.

my son came and stayed with me from tokyo last weekend,
so i made bellinis to toast.

the following morning,
i made frozen “momo” daiquiris again for us.
this time, they came out pink, perfect pink!!

then we toasted again.

i am having some more fruits...plums? that is... this weekend.
have plenty of juicy fruits in season, everyone!



N said...

Those daquiris look delicious. you should definitely post a recipe.

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious. It is too bad I don't like peaches.
Thanks to a little incident.
When I was a little girl I was eating a peach and I found a huge squirming peach worm in there.
Ever since then I was not able to let peaches past my lips.
But I can definitely indulge into other delicious and juicy fruits.

Have a great season ;)