a quiet week, exhilarating emails

the first half of 2009 went by and the new month began. it’s been a quiet week, but quite an extraordinary week at the same time. in fact, i received two exhilarating emails -- well, technically speaking, i was supposed to find one of them on 13th june, though; i just didn’t check it inadvertently. at any rate, the internet is incredible. i find a comment or two only once in a while if i am lucky. but, i never know who visit my blog all the way or what he or she makes of my post mostly, right? even if it is serendipitous or accidental, i have visitors without knowing. that's what i've now learned.
someone who visited my blog was kind enough to get in touch with me via the net. martin zweiback, the sender’s name, seemed surely not familiar to me, while its subject was “me, natalie”, a film i really love. then i found that the email was, actually, from the screenwriter of the film. i was lost for wards. he felt compelled to tell me he was appreciative of my favourite films list in which he found his “me, natalie”. unbelievable. i’m just a fan of the film. it is i who is very appreciative of receiving such an email from such a great screenwriter like him! nevertheless, what brought him to this blog and made him feel like checking my profile?
when i was fourteen, the film, which i hadn't seen yet, was a regular topic of chat among my girlfriends. so i asked my brother to take me to the cinema where “me, natalie” was on. i became a natalie, who should leave the nest and move to greenwich village, as i walked out of the cinema. i also bought myself a copy of screenplay of “me, natalie” a few years later. the impact those film and book had on me was huge and deep. almost miraculously, i still have the book. so i can tell how much natalie’s story meant to me. she was my hero throughout adolescence, while i was not able to live a life of natalie’s at the time.
centuries later i saw the film and read the book written by martin zwieback, i am living a life of Independence just like natalie, anyhow. even though this is not bohemian greenwich village, i can’t complain, i am comfortable about myself. oh, and, another email? sorry if i sound like a braggadocio again, but i couldn't keep this to myself. so...another email i received it on friday was from a publisher whom i sent my book proposal at the end of june. a quick reply is always good news in this kind of case. he got back to me right after he found my translated book potentially readable. no matter what kind of snag i would hit, i am thrilled with my new project.


Needful Friends ... Miss Holly Golightly said...

oh keiko this are the lovely stories life is bringing to us sometimes ;O)

I was thinking about you so often but had no good time myself so I didn´t blog that much the last weeks.

my dog actually died by the age of just 3 after easter holidays and me and my kids had to come back on our knees after that shock.

I am close to get my plans become true to move to berlin as I told you before and there are a lot of things to arrange.

don´t mind me not visiting your blog often but you are always on my mind.

hugs anja

Les Cotrions said...

Hello! Sorry gor my answering late, but I'm very busy and here it's so hot!!! I don't know this book and movie...I have to find it..it seems to be very interesting!!!
Have a nice evening!!!
Big hugs

vosges paris said...

hiya dear KT
What a nice post, you seem trilled by the email ;) so nice for you!

And a book A BOOK !!! by you!! I can't remember reading sometihing about you writing a book ;)
Wissing you a good weekend from Amsterdam... By the way we were having coffee at the Loyd last weekend ;)