balcony strawberries

wimbledon? strawberries!! – english people would instantly associate with. and, they love the messy way of eating strawberries posh etonians invented: eton mess (click for a recipe). over here in japan, strawberry is an all- time queen of fruits. to pander to market demand, our consumption has been pushed ahead of its season year by year, so japanese kids might associate christmas with strawberries, really.
as strawberry has become an innocuous ingredient for rather pedestrian pastry chefs, we can see strawberries all year long. still, there is great variety of cultivated strawberries. i prefer pointed small one to hulking one. when a strawberry is cut in half, pointed one looks unbelievably beautiful. no matter how we eat strawberries, sadly, its real season is already drawing to a close here. it is way too early, don’t you think?
my strawberries survived the winter and came into bloom again this spring even though i did nothing but watering for them. my strawberries' petals are pink and the flower resembles a wild rose, which clearly reminds me of the fact that strawberry is a member of the big rose family. my balcony strawberries produced fruits this year, too. although the shapes aren’t perfect, the taste is simply but amply sweet and sour. it brings me back some memories of summers i spent in england. over here, meanwhile, the rainy season is approaching.

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Les Cotrions said...

Hello! Your strawberries look delicious! You have lots of marvellous herbs too in your balcony! It must be stunning...I'd like to visit it!!!
Have a nice time!