happy mother’s day

it’s mother’s day. it’s sunday and sunny (going to be a scorcher ) over here. oh, i don’t need anything else… do i? in japan, sending red carnations to mothers is sort of a peculiar mother’s day tradition. every year, i’d wonder who started it. the picture is the one my lovely daughter sent me one year ago. i’ve already sent my mother a pot of hydrangea (this year again, though) and told my daughter i’d want no mother’s day gift this year. whatever you want for mother’s day, have a good one!

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Les Cotrions said...

What a marvellous gift from your daughter! It's mother day in Italy too, but probably is less important than in other countries...that's strange because in Italy "mamma" is the main institution!!! It's a special day mostly for children who usually give mothers flowers or little works made at school! I hope you spent a wonderful mother day! I had beach and sun today!
Big hugs!