the moment of truth

i’ve been waiting to hear some important news since this morning --- the news of two unrelated results that i will have to accept. i am no doubt getting more nervous as time passes.

one result is on the american presidential election, which i’ve no involvement, actually. but it is so much to do with the whole world, so that it can remotely affect even my life. that’s for sure. another one is way scarier to hear. last friday, my brother came to see me, saying “i’ve got something to tell you”. whenever i hear the line, it’s nothing good. my brother, the best role model of family-man: a devoted son; a loving father and a gutsy affectionate uncle to my kids, is always and exceptionally caring to me. this time, he is the one who needs to be cared by the family. he came to me to tell this straight from the clinic he’d visited: “i’ve been diagnosed with cancer.”

he has gone to a medical university hospital with his wife this morning to find out how risky his cancer condition is and what treatment doctors can give him. i know it’s not exactly our dna’s fault. anyone can be a cancer patient these days, can’t they? despite the medical survey and research, i feel as if my family is doomed: we lost our father to cancer and i’m a cancer-survivor, too. although my mother is no stranger to bad news like “cancer announcement”, we haven’t told her yet. i’ve started praying to god again for him since last friday, like i did for myself last year. please, please don’t take an ordinary family life from my brother, please let us go on this way, or even better way…


vosgesparis said...

it is so much easier to leave no comment on this bad news. But I wish your brother all the best.

kt said...


it's so wonderful to hear from you. i am very apriciative of your kind and considerate comment.

kt xx

needfulfriendsundkoboldkinder said...

keiko sweetheart...your brother is in my mind and in my prayers.

all my thoughts go to you and your family and I hope that he´ll survive well...

hugs anja

Les Cotrions said...

My best wishes for your brother! I'll pray for him!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Keiko!