i know telling everyone this won’t do me any good, but i just can’t help telling you: it’s been boiling hot and humid!! particularly in the western region of japan where i live.
when i lived in london i complained about the english weather too often. now that i even miss those cool and damp miserable english summers i had. sunshine is more precious than any english heritage over there, you know, so londoners may go unbelievably hedonistic on a hot summer’s day.
i also know that england will take my breath away when it’s sunny. english towns and villages look absolutely gorgeous when they stand against a background of cloudless blue sky. bath, an elegant georgian spa town, for example. on a fine day of august many summers ago, i fancied going on a day trip to bath from london.
bath is an idyllic region and was perfect for me to discover the quintessence of england. i was happy to be a tourist there, having lunch at the pump room, crossing the river avon, lying in the grass and spoiling myself a cream tea at a lovely tea room. everything in bath was simply exhilarating… everything i did there seems like yesterday.
i had an opportunity to visit bath again years later, when i was offered a magazine assignment working with a photographer and a writer (who specializes in pets, yes, companion animals) from tokyo. we were to report on an annual dog show taken place in bath. it was fun. i mean real fun. besides, we stayed at a hotel whose rooms had an excellent view of the rolling hills. we however, were, never lucky enough to escape rain.
the summer heat is mercilessly wearing me out, but i hope this post finds you well.

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NeedfulFriends&Koboldkinder said...

Keiko, I understand quite well how you feel. I had days this summer where I thought it is close to be unbearable but enjoy the time...autumn is coming quicker than we all wish to and before we have the chance to realise winter is coming and christmas is around the corner.

I ofter wonder where the time and years are going.

;) hugs anja